I am Bradley Erickson

"Artsy" MeI am a 31 year old programmer currently living in Casper, Wyoming, a little known and sparsely populated state within the USA.  We have mountains, plains, wildlife, and finally people.  Our most prominent fixture is the pronghorn antelope, which in some years outnumber our people.  I was born and mostly raised here, except for a few years in Louisville, Kentucky and Albania.

I have been married to an amazing woman for over 5 years now.  We have a clever, handsome little man who is fully of energy, curiousity, and loves to get into everything he shouldn’t.

I have been programming for about 15 years, mostly web related.  Sometimes as a hobby, sometimes as a job.  I spent 5 years after my short stint in college as a 911 operator/police and fire dispatcher for Natrona County and the city of Casper here in Wyoming.  It was an incredible experience, but I would never go back to it.  I left that job to work as a web developer for a local advertising agency.

I absolutely love reading and think it should be an essential activity for every human being.  I can’t back that up with rational arguments(because I’m too lazy to do it right now), but I believe it wholeheartedly.  You should be reading.  I primarily tackle fantasy and science fiction, but my wife and friends like to throw other stuff my way as they come across it, so I am open to reading just about anything.

I also enjoy drawing, writing fiction & poetry, and game design. Pretty much creating anything with a story fills me with energy and enthusiasm.  I used to play with film, making movies in high school and college with my friends, and I also spent a lot of time editing together music videos featuring Japanese animation for my personal amusement.

Every year my wife and I enter National Novel Writing Month, though we’ve yet succeed in completing our novels.  We have lots of great starts, though!  Maybe this year will be the year!

My latest passion has been game development.  I’ve always enjoyed playing games (who doesn’t?), and my creative side yearns to tackle the challenge of making them.  I’ve been dabbling for about 3 years now.  With the help of some friends, we were able to participate in and complete 3 game jams in 2013.  We’ve designed a number of games, though we’ve yet to finish one to the point of marketability.  I hope that 2015 is the year we finally achieve this.  Our latest project, Skurvy, is a roguelike FPS we plan on completing this fall.