I am Bradley Erickson

What I Read – April 2016

After such an intense two months of Wheel of Time reading, I took it easy this month. I focused on podcasts and working on our

What I Read – March 2016

This month again is very spoiler heavy as I parse my feelings on wrapping up the Wheel of Time series. Be forewarned. Crossroads of Twilight

What I Read – February 2016

This month I continue my Wheel of Time journey. Spoilers warning now for these books, as I am going to share my gut reactions to

What I Read – January 2016

The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art by Erwin Raphael McManus The Most Important Work of Art Is the Life That

Game Development

What Remains: Jam Development Breakdown

One of our Minion Studios team members stumbled across a game jam called the Asylum Jam. It takes place over Halloween and is themed around horror

Holding a candle in a haunted house.
Quick Thoughts


This is my new blog. My old one had grown defunct due to my neglect, and I am excited for a fresh start. I plan

Facebook Application Screenshot

Knowyo.org Facebook Application

Client: Wyoming Department of Health Where: The app primarily lives on knowyo.org and the Facebook page. Purpose:  Increase STD risk awareness and encourage Wyoming citizens to