What Remains: Jam Development Breakdown

One of our Minion Studios team members stumbled across a game jam called the Asylum Jam. It takes place over Halloween and is themed around horror settings which do not involve negative mental health or medical stereotypes. Mostly because it sounded fun, and slightly because all of us were a little burned out on our Skurvy […]

Review: Unity Multiplayer Games by Alan R. Stagner

Disclosure: I was sent a free review copy of this e-book by the Publisher. Format: I made use of both the PDF & Kindle versions of this book while reading it. The PDF version displayed well on a Nexus 7 as well as my PC, where I used it to type in the many examples provided. […]

Knowyo.org Facebook Application

Client: Wyoming Department of Health Where: The app primarily lives on knowyo.org and the Facebook page. Purpose:  Increase STD risk awareness and encourage Wyoming citizens to get tested. What I Did:  I built an interface using the Facebook SDK in PHP & javascript with artwork by our team at Adbay.com.  This project came together pretty quickly. […]

Ludum Dare 27 Entry: 10 Seconds of Night

Entry Link: 10 Seconds of Night 10 Seconds of Night was my second game jam entry.  The Minion Studios team and I decided that we had so much fun the first time around, we would give it another shot.  The theme this time around was “10 Seconds”.  We settled on the idea of being a […]

Ludum Dare 26 Entry: Minimalist Horror Story

Entry: Minimalist Horror Story Minimalist Horror Story is our entry into the Ludum Dare 26 Game Jam.  The theme of the jam was “Minimalism”, and required our team at Minion Studios to create a game around this theme in 72 hours.  I am not sure what ideas we passed up for this one, but I […]