Facebook Application Screenshot

Knowyo.org Facebook Application

Client: Wyoming Department of Health

Where: The app primarily lives on knowyo.org and the Facebook page.

Purpose:  Increase STD risk awareness and encourage Wyoming citizens to get tested.

What I Did:  I built an interface using the Facebook SDK in PHP & javascript with artwork by our team at Adbay.com.  This project came together pretty quickly.  A user should login to the app through the Facebook canvas page or a standalone mobile version.  The application reads their friends list and compiles a “most likely had/have STDs” friend counter based on Wyoming STD statistics.  Due to privacy concerns, the application does not look at profile information for the user friends, nor does it make any assumptions about your friends and their STD status.  It is a very loose estimator that will hopefully encourage awareness about the users risk.

The primary challenges were addressing changes in the Facebook SDK between the creation of the app and launch.  This application went through many rounds of approval before launch, and Facebook changed not only how their developer management panel works, but also the pathways for deploying a canvas application on mobile devices.  Because of this, I had to create a stand alone web version of the application for mobile devices.


MuviStar Rewards Program

ClientMuvico Entertainment, L.L.C.

Where: muvistar.muvico.com

Purpose: Design customer facing software that would interact with the Ticketsoft Loyalty API to allow theater customers to access their earned rewards.  Also, provide theater management with a content management system for editing users data and collecting reports on loyalty usage.

What I Did: I used the CodeIgniter PHP framework to design a complete content management system for this client’s loyalty program.  It interfaced with the Ticketsoft servers to provide customer data, to allow managers to add points and rewards to customer cards, and to show a transaction history for each customer.   I also integrated Facebook Connect for customer logins.


I also designed a javascript animation for the rewards bar as well as a popcorn bucket that fills up with popping kernels based on your point level.

Challenges included dealing with one of the largest theater clients we’ve worked with as far as transactions per day.  The client required a large number of additional features beyond our usual Ticketsoft integration.  This meant tuning the database and PHP configurations to optimize the implementation of these features.  We also moved this site to cloud hosting.  It was the first of our loyalty clients on this type of hosting.  This required changing the application to work in a Linux environment versus the Windows server it originally ran on.