Review: Unity Multiplayer Games by Alan R. Stagner

Disclosure: I was sent a free review copy of this e-book by the Publisher.


I made use of both the PDF & Kindle versions of this book while reading it. The PDF version displayed well on a Nexus 7 as well as my PC, where I used it to type in the many examples provided. The few graphics used in the book were mostly for configuration of Unity components, but all of them were in color in the PDF version.  I did most of my reading through the Kindle version.  It read smoothly on my Kindle Touch, and the code snippets displayed about as well as they can in that format.

Source code as well as errata are available for the examples in this book from the publisher’s websitePackt Publishing.  All examples are in C#.


This book is best suited for developers who have a working knowledge of the basics of Unity as well as experience using C#.  The author, thankfully, does not spend much time reviewing these two tools.  There are hundreds of other resources for learning Unity, and those should be explored before covering the topics in this book.  This book is a great introduction to multiplayer programming.  While a few intermediate and advanced topics are covered, it’s mostly geared toward beginners.
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